Phlebotek is the leader in Kentucky for phlebotomy and medical assistant employment and staffing services. We provide volunteers, interns, per-diem, temporary, part-time, and full-time phlebotomists and medical assistants to all sectors of the medical / healthcare industries in Kentucky.

We service organizations both large and small. Phlebotek has phlebotomists and medical assistants in Kentucky especially in Louisville, Bowling Green, Meads, Ironville and Lexington.

The recruiters at Phlebotek will align your needs with a phlebotomist or medical assistant in your area that meets or exceeds your specific requirements. Phlebotek candidates are thoroughly screened, interviewed, and tested before being considered for your position. Only the best pass our rigid quality control standards. That means Phlebotek always finds the ideal person for your unique job. Quality is our goal – every single time!

Our staffing agency is standing by, waiting to help your organization with its phlebotomy or medical assistant needs.