Phlebotek is a national provider of phlebotomy solutions serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, clinical trials, disease research and related medical and science industries. Companies seeking phlebotomy staffing services, as well as clinical outsourcing services have come to rely on our field expertise.

Many of our genetic testing, pharmaceutical or research testing clients have the occasional or part-time need for reliable and experienced phlebotomists. Let’s be straight forward, it is not time or cost effective for these organizations to attract, screen, hire and retain phlebotomists, which is why they choose Phlebotek.

Finding your phlebotomist begins by indicating the specific skill sets you demand. Our recruiters will match the experience you require with phlebotomists in your area. We will attract and screen the best matches before introducing them to your organization. Our phlebotomists are available for as little as a single in-home patient collection.