Since opening our doors, Phlebotek has been a leader and the one true source for the recruiting and utilization of phlebotomists for medical assistants for health screening events. It was determined that there were very few, if any, first-class recruiting firms that specialized providing skilled professionals for just a few days. This underserved market needed a company to partner with that had knowledge of their industry and understood the day to day challenges of working in it.

There are a multitude of Health and Wellness organizations that provide on-site biometric health screenings to companies across the nation. It is extremely uneconomical to fly their staff across the country and pay for accommodations and per diem.. on top of the salary.

When Phlebotek was founded, we saw an immediate need to provide these Health and Wellness Screening organizations with local, qualified phlebotomists, medical assistants and parameds. When a Wellness company in California needed to hold a health fair for 3,000 employees at a company headquartered in Atlanta, they called Phlebotek. We were able to provide local staff at a fraction of the cost.

Providing temporary phlebotomy, medical assistant, and paramed staff for biometric health screenings and blood drives is the core of Phlebotek. With over 75,000 registered phlebotomists and medical assistants nationwide, your organization doesn’t need to worry about having enough hands available. Our trained and experience staff are available under per diem, contract, full time, and travel assignments all over the country.

Phlebotek can also assist with data companies to analyze test results, corporate wellness programs, health screenings, health risk assessments / appraisals, and workplace wellness aggregate group reports for various types of companies. Bring health and wellness into your organization, increase employee productivity and retention, reduce insurance costs and employee sick time, and generate a high return on investment (ROI).