Phlebotek knows that service is everything. Before Phlebotek, health insurance companies, labs, wellness organizations and even doctors have had trouble offering their patients in-home / mobile blood draws.
The problem was simple. Before Phlebotek, these companies did not have access to 50,000 phlebotomists and medical assistants nationwide. It would never be cost effective to find one phlebotomist to make a house call. These organizations were not set up to manage the recruiting, screening, hiring and deployment of phlebotomists nationwide. But all that has changed. Phlebotek has the largest network of phlebotomists nationwide. Our Phlebotomists are available to perform in-home / mobile blood draws on a per diem, temporary, part-time or full time basis.
Not interested in calling us each time your phlebotek phlebotomist needs to make a house call? No problem, we will be happy to work with you to make our phlebotomist a part of your team.