Phlebotek is a leading nationwide provider of qualified professionals for the insurance and healthcare industries. Our coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service our clients. Our paramedical examiners are available for permanent, per diem, contract and travel assignments. We take pride in the responsiveness of our team and the quality of our paramed examiner pool. All of these these elements have made Phlebotek the most preferred paramed examiner staffing providers in the country.
Please note that we do not perform insurance exams for insurance companies, rather we provide technicians for the healthcare companies that manage and contract the insurance exams.
Across the nation, paramedical companies are facing the challenge of recruiting qualified paramedical examiners. Phlebotek is the solution to your challenges. Through our ground-breaking recruitment tactics, our experienced staffing consultants will fill your requirements with the most highly qualified, screened and skilled paramedical professionals in the industry.
Phlebotek can arrange Parameds to perform the following paramedical services:
Blood draws
Health Risk Assessments
Physical Examinations
Drug and alcohol screening
Paternity Testing
And more…
Advantages to choosing Phlebotek Paramedical Staffing:
Thorough Screening Process – Phlebotek has developed a detailed pre-employment screening process, which includes competency tests and skill checklists as well as a thorough background check. This stringent process helps us select only the top paramedical examiners for placement. We understand all of the functions a paramedical examiner should be able to perform.
Around-the-Clock Accessibility – Our staffing consultants are on-call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the most timely and efficient service possible.
Dependability – One of Phlebotek‘s strengths is our dependability. We are able to recruit and maintain an abundance of paramedical examiner staff, enabling us to fill a large volume of staffing requests in a time efficient manner; everytime.
Cost Effective Strategies – Paramedical insurance examiner organizations that we staff have saved thousands of dollars every year by eliminating recruitment fees from their budgets. These fees include placing job advertisements and valuable time spent reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. Phlebotek’s HR Plus is a program especially designed for the paramedical industry. We do all the work for your organization. You never have to encounter a staffing expense. (click on link to read more)
Motivated Employees – Phlebotek rewards employees performing quality work. Phlebotek knows what it takes to hire a professional, experienced, and dependable paramedical independent contractors.