Many organizations have realized that it is far more cost effective to have certain staff available on a temporary basis. These organizations will save across the board from recruiting to employee insurance + benefits.

With over 75,000 registered phlebotomists and medical assistants nationwide, Phlebotek is the largest temp phlebotomy agency and is proud to offer all health organizations phlebotomy personnel on an as needed temporary basis. Qualified temp phlebotomists are available 365 days a year for whatever length of time you request.

Phlebotek uses the most efficient and comprehensive screening techniques to locate your future phlebotomist. Our staff has screened, tested and reviewed to confirm their knowledge and skills. After things get underway, your Phlebotek Point of Contact will always be available to make sure that you are consistently satisfied with your phlebotomist.

Phlebotek is the perfect solution for your temporary phlebotomy needs. All it takes is one phone call and our agency will have a certified temp phlebotomist sent out to you, even if it’s just for a few hours.