Many of our clients operate state-wide or nationally. These organizations require dependable and experienced phlebotomists and medical assistants to perform services in multiple locations.
With years of industry experience, Phlebotek has developed solutions for companies looking to cut costs and operate more efficiently. They have realized the high cost of doing business on a large scale and the time consuming nature of handling a wide network of services.

With over 75,000 phlebotomists and medical assistants nationwide, we encourage many organizations to think outside the box. Why pay for travel when there is someone with years of experience in that area? Cut costs by having one team leader and have Phlebotek do the rest.

When you do need a traveling phlebotomist, Phlebotek has them. Our advanced search and screening tactics will locate your perfect employee match. We can introduce you to your next phlebotomist at a fraction of the cost of finding them yourself.